I chose the name Keep The Lighthouse Lit for my blog to encourage readers to honor the light within them. In times of turbulent waters and roaring storms, there is always a light shining from somewhere, a beacon in the darkness to call us back to shore. During those moments we are submerged or turned away, the lighthouse still stands tall and bright, waiting for us to look to it once again. Do not discount the light that shines from within you, for even in your darkest storms, you provide that guiding light for others through compassion and empathy.

I am a therapist who specializes in Grief and Loss. These writings are where smart meets heart, from a place of compassion and empathy combined with professional training and experience.

My hope for this blog is to connect with readers on topics that resonate with them and to spread awareness on a variety of topics that the masses may shy away from, but live at home with many of us.

Thank you for visiting.

By Ilissa

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